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This week you are single. The Sun in your solar first house will shine on you and bring you to experience things. Mercury joins in from May 15th to June 7th, smoothing your self-expression. During this period, you will be active and not confined to the house. Taurus is a rational sign, and Mars in your second sector pushes you to spend and enjoy life. On May 16, the Sun and Uranus will join forces, so you may be drawn to something out of the ordinary. On May 19, Venus and Jupiter will conjunct, and you may be able to do something that makes you happy and immerse yourself in it. On May 20, you might be tempted to buy some accessories, or buy a smartphone and smartwatch, as the Sun enters Gemini on that day.

This week, May 15, Mercury joins the Sun in your heart zone, so you will be working behind the scenes. Research and creative projects will make progress, as long as you have enough time to communicate with yourself. You can use the current situation to set goals for the next quarter. You may be feeling generous and want to buy things for your children and loved ones because Venus will join Jupiter on this day, May 19. On May 20, the Sun enters Gemini, so you'll be active. Here, Mercury returns to its full strength, leading you into areas where there is a beginning.

As the week begins, you will feel many invitations from friends to get together. From May 15 to June 7, Mercury will light up your social sector. You will meet some very nice people and expand your social circle during this period. On May 16, you will get an opportunity to learn technology in the industry. On May 19, Saturn and Uranus will join forces, and the next project you've delayed is likely to begin to make progress. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct, so throwing an after party is possible. Over the weekend, May 20, the Sun joins Mars in your sector, so you can take extra time to rest.

This week, the Sun is shining brightly in your house of honors and achievement, so this week you will want to let the world see what you have achieved. You'll be interviewing for a high-level position, taking on a high-level role, or if you're the boss, then Mercury joining from May 15 to June 7 will bring you clients. Cultural events on May 16 will give you a chance to meet clients and make you popular. A major foreign travel project may be planned on May 19, when Saturn and Uranus will join forces. From May 20 to June 22, the Sun and Sun are in Gemini, so your social calendar will be. You'll have a lot to say and a curiosity to learn things.

You'll be thinking internationally this week, as the Sun and Mercury light your ninth house of foreigners and foreign places. You may be planning a trip abroad, working with foreign clients or applying for visas, passports and green cards. In addition, you may be waiting for news about scholarships, tuition fees, or student loans to see if you will be able to continue your studies. From May 20 to June 22, the Sun and Mars enter your house of honors and achievement together, so career will be the center of your attention. Gemini will teach you your communication skills so that you can use the power of your words to gain a competitive advantage.

This week, the Sun and Mercury light your eighth house, so financial matters can be an issue. You may have applied for a mortgage and are waiting for news about child support, tax refunds. You might review your social security coverage, or meet with a financial planner to review your current portfolio. Your loved one may have an income breakthrough on May 16, when Uranus will join the Sun. On May 19, Venus and Jupiter will oppose each other, so you may want to spoil someone. On the other hand, you might get an invitation to go on an adventurous trip with a partner.

This week, the Sun and Mercury light up your partnership sector, so your relationship will be in the spotlight. If there are things you haven't said, but wish you could, now is the time to say them. Mars is in your sign, and he will help you bond with someone you like. Taurus will make you rational, but you may want to go to the spa with friends and lovers, or book a couples massage. If you like to eat sweets, then Venus and Jupiter will take you a group of colleagues to an emotional coffee shop on May 19 to eat some sweets that will make you feel happy.

If you control your emotions and temper today, your relationship will be in crisis; wealth will come to you, and the money will be in the bank; you will meet colleagues outside of work, and a smile and a greeting will bring good luck at work.

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Very tempted by the opposite sex, socializing and having multiple partners can reduce emotional distress.

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(Horoscope Weekly) Susan Miller's horoscope for the week 2017.5.15

Today's Horoscope for Taurus

This week, you will forget about others because you pay too much attention to one or two things, which will lead to "partial subjects" in your life. Feelings suggest that you still can't let go.

A lover's constant whining will ring your ears this week, and it's not wise to run away or get angry. To find out who is wrong with you, it is a good practice to eliminate these complaints with a positive attitude.

Interest determines how well you do things, and it is especially important to increase interest at this time. You can do well in the work and homework you are interested in; but you seem a little perfunctory in the things you are not interested in, and the results are a bit unsatisfactory.

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Taurus horoscope for the week

Taurus Horoscope for this month

Investment and financial management have a direction of understanding. Although everyone does not understand your thoughts, as long as you work hard and persevere, you can gain something. Even if you see the benefits in front of you, you can get valuable experience and win the future!

The performance of fortune this month is low. If singles are proactive in the face of attractive people, they may have friendships; they are urged to work and study, and they eat because they are busy, so be careful of gastrointestinal diseases; wealth luck, investment and income.

Single love encounters: Singles at the beginning of the month and the middle of the month have a chance of springing up. Joining colleagues and meeting friends may become the object of your heart. It's just that the other party is mostly your friend and has no development ideas. If you want to hold hands, you need to be prepared for battle.

The development of a relationship between two people: show friends around you, so that you have, so that you have emotions, two people have a quarrel because of this, if you compromise in time, be careful that the other party takes you away; married life counts, there are only noisy episodes, but you are generous and understanding, on the contrary It will make the other person feel warm and want you.

Workers: There is a strong wind in career luck, and office workers encounter setbacks this month. You can't make a contract because you lost everything, plan repeatedly, and your boss urges you to come up with no meaningful guidance, which makes you feel aggrieved. You have to sleep at night, sleep can relax the mood, can replenish fighting energy.

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