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In Wang Hedi's play, he looks like an ancient costume with oblique bangs, which has a youthful feel, and this is his first time performing in a costume drama. In addition, "Ever Night 2" has a strong supporting cast. The 72-year-old Zheng Shaoqiu played the role of an educational and talented teacher in the play.

Sports Center / Report by Zhang Peijia "ESPN" reported that the NBA Lakers re-signed "CoCo5" Russell (D'Angelo Russell) for 2 years with 37 million US dollars and 4 years with 56 million US dollars

In the last 3 consecutive victories, the Houston Astros scored 29 points in the first 3 games. The Texas Rangers Nathan Eovaldi hit 2 hits in 7 innings today (2nd) and led the team to 52 home games. With a losing streak, he became the second 10-win pitcher in the American League this season.

Otani knocked out his 30th bomb of the season yesterday. It was a powerful bomb with a flying distance of 493 feet. The camera captured his actions after the bombing. After looking around furtively, he flicked his fingers at his teammates' arms. Is it?" Otani, "secondary school" is not enough to describe. …

The record in June was poor, and the boss held a press conference and said that he would not rule out becoming a seller metropolis. Today (2nd) with 40-year-old veteran Justin Ver

Zhang Yucheng suffered repeated hand injuries in Taiwan, and now the game is restarted for the third time. According to the Red Sox's two-day 2-A game, he joined the defense and played guerrilla today without any mistakes. However, the blue jays scored 3 at-bats and scored a goalless draw with 7 at-bats . Zhang Yucheng suffered a fracture of the hamate bone in his left hand at the end of April, and underwent surgery for…

The Houston Rockets have a winning rate of less than 50% for three consecutive seasons, and continue to strengthen the player market. After signing guard Fred VanVleet on a three-year maximum salary contract yesterday (1st), today the four-year $80 million (TWD 2.5 billion) ) contract added guard Dillon Brooks.

The 40-year-old pitcher Justin Verlander of the Mets lost 1 penalty in 7 innings today, and suppressed the Giants with 6K pitches. He showed that the coaches of the opponents praised the "game". In the recent adjustment of the pitching mechanism, Verlander said: "I. ..

After becoming a player, Russell Westbrook decided to stay on the Clippers and signed a 2-year $7.8 million new contract, including the player option for the second year. His agent Jeff Schwartz in the United States…

The Portland Trail Blazers did not have a major reinforcement move, Damian Lillard went down, the Trail Blazers filed a trade application, ready to

Btw, several versions of Daomingsi casting, Taiwanese version of Jerry Yan Capricorn, Japanese version of Jun Matsumoto Virgo, Thai version of bright Capricorn, there is a performance of Daomingsi as a love-loving idiot, Korean version of Lee Min Ho Cancer, emotional temperament.

Leo Lions are extroverted, they are the kind of radiant constellations with a flamboyant personality; high-profile lions are obsessed with life under the spotlight, they love to show off and show off, and they know how to show themselves; therefore, lions become a constellation of opposite sex, just love and stay together, the lion's life There are a lot of ruined love, which can be regarded as a peach blossom constellation.

The return of the wonderful variety show "Challenge", does it remind everyone of the stories about those CPs in the previous season? Is it interesting to make people blush and heartbeat, exhaling and exhilarating? Well, today, on November 1st, everyone YY will help to fuel the flames. From the perspective of astrology, everyone will analyze the classic CPs from "Challenge" to see if their zodiac signs match.

It is said that acting like a baby is the life of a woman, and it is true that a girl who acts like a baby will be favored by boys, but not all women are effective when acting like a baby. Some girls are born to be coquettish and cute, and some girls are a killer! Let's take a look at the 12 zodiac signs, how many zodiac women love to be coquettish and cute.

A Leo is a Leo, but it's not a good idea to be. If you don't agree with a word, you squat down and sing Conquer, and then she looks at you with a smile, full of kingly air, hula la rushing at you. It's okay if you call him daddy, can this daddy be called? Leo, no matter so much, you have to make me happy. so.

Third place: Leo Many people should feel that they understand when they see Leo. Other people's lions are more powerful on the surface, and they are terrible. Sagittarius is like a child, no matter who has no heart, what he does is careless, sometimes he will be deceived by others, and he comforts himself cheerfully.

Recently, the epidemic situation is at home, and I brushed the Thai version of Boys Over Flowers. The manga version, Taiwan version, Japanese version, Korean version, and now the Thai version, the filming style, and the same story background can impress many people after 20 years, thanks to the full plot and character design. For every Boys Over Flowers version, there is a set of actors who fit the characters.

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Daoming Temple should really be an Aries/Lion male from Maowanjiang w

"Lu version of Daoming Temple" Wang Hedi returned home to sell fried chicken and was reminded of the self-deprecating new play character "Family…

Let’s chat today, the two popular groups of CPs, Daoming Temple vs Shancai, &, Huazelei vs Shancai, what kind of constellations they might be.

Straight ball forbearance, domineering, persistent. Daoming Temple has a contradictory personality, suspected to be a Capricorn sun, an Aries moon, a sun-moon square, a strong mother, a social shell, and a core. Venus Sagittarius, with a fancy and bold look, and likes hot-blooded girls.

Daoming Temple stems from his strong strength, relying on his family background to be domineering is his initial impression. He has everything, which lays the foundation for him to be unrivaled and tyrannical. When Capricorn, a born social person, has a lot of wealth, his self-confidence is overinflated. Because climbing the social ladder is the lifelong pursuit of this zodiac sign, and suffering is the only way for their wealth empire. Only with experience and experience can he treat wealth, power, and his surroundings with a state of mind. However, Daoming Temple did not experience such a rich country, and others other than his mother could control him, which made him have a bad record.

The energy of the world is always conserved, and there will always be someone who can absorb it. Meeting love opens the door to a new world. In contact with Shancai, I learned that if I want to get love, I have to learn to love others. So let go of his arrogance, and learn to love like a toddler babbling.

Among the zodiac signs who are born with a lack of nerves when it comes to talking about love, Capricorn is one of the best. When you are not in love, the social norms are well grasped, and the people in front of the stage have a set of tricks, but when you fall in love, all the shrewdness and ability become a fake tiger. They think that the devotion of rare material wealth to you can fully prove their integrity. Without losing ground, I think of a way to study, improve, and struggle to win the homework of love, but love is a thing that can't be slapped, and can turn a Capricorn into a licking dog.

Capricorn men with social status are confident when pursuing love, but despite this, they have the basic characteristics of earth signs: a sense of boundaries, and can bear and endure things. There are many things that can be seen and explained. Chasing is one's own business, accepting or rejecting is the other party's business, facing the other party's sway, even if one's claws scratch one's heart, one likes to directly point out, but a new wave of hard work to attack. Realistic Capricorn man's love code, Mu Qiang meets Qiang, bully in front of others, whoever is serious at the door of love is a primary school student.

Btw, several versions of Daomingsi casting, Taiwanese version of Jerry Yan Capricorn, Japanese version of Jun Matsumoto Virgo, Thai version of bright Capricorn, there is a performance of Daomingsi as a love-loving idiot, Korean version of Lee Min Ho Cancer, emotional temperament.

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What are the constellations of Daoming Temple and Shancai?

It's the twelve constellations of the "Lion Moon" again, domineering like the Leo of Daoming Temple

A person on the roof, love personality. Live in your own world, with your own rhythm, like an Aquarius.

Hua Zelei's life trajectory intersects with the other three sons of F4, but he is one of them. This kind of not being erratic and alienated is the attribute of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius). Aquarius becomes the focus of the crowd, thinks of belonging to the crowd, enjoys, and enjoys other people's lifestyles. Like is one's own business, no one has anything to do, giving is one's own business, without expecting anything in return. Long-distance love, love triangle, and love across classes are Uranus, and these kinds of situations are confirmed by Hua Zelei.

But if it is an Aquarius, he will tend to talk in the crowd, and he is quiet, which may have an earthy core. Because of the earth sign, classical, introverted and harmonious. Clothes, reading or painting, literature and art have a slightly bookish habit, temper, emotionally passive and delicate. No matter how outstanding in the eyes of outsiders, I feel that I am not enough, not worthy of liking someone in my heart, and feel self-pity and self-pity, just like a moon Virgo.

On Daoming Temple and Shancai, he retreated to the second line. Although the wind signs and the opposite sex are foolishly unclear to lovers and friends, they also resolutely despise the kind of people who value sex and despise friends. If they have core earth signs, they have a sense of boundary. But when Shancai is not enough in Daoming Temple, he can stand up and go back to Shancai because of his feelings. The air sign is love, the earth is like firewood, rice, oil and salt, the fire is like the skin, the water is like the overflow of emotions, and the long flowing water is in the longing.

The love of Aquarius is often blurred when you are in love with friends. At this time, Uranus can bring a lot of freshness, all kinds of careful thoughts and mutual exploration games, but often enter the relationship and go downhill, because they are the kind that like distance to produce beauty People are people who change their personal habits to match each other. , degenerated into a coffee during running-in. Deeply understand the personal attributes Aquarius is therefore a constellation, they any other constellation to understand, a moment before possession, and eternity after loss, is.

Btw, the Taiwanese version of Aberdeen Gemini, the Korean version of Golden Gemini, there is a performance style of indifference and duplicity, the Japanese version of Oguri Shun Capricorn, showing a sense of boundary of the earth sign, and the Thai version of dew Scorpio, with a strong water sign and affectionate eyes flowing.

Enthusiastic about justice, strong, can't hold back what's in his heart.

No. 2 Meteor Garden Hua Zelan, Makino Shanni, Daoming Siya, Ximen Qing, Meizuodian. Xiong Sheng went well.

Learn about the growth story of giant pandas,…

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