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When the six deities of Qinglong, Mingtang, Jingui, Tiande, Yutang, and Siming are said to be auspicious days, they can break ground for construction, get married, and open businesses. On the contrary, the underworld holds activities every day.

New Year's Eve

Full day, auspicious for offering sacrifices, other auspicious

weekdays, all the best

Set a date, set up the stove, banquet, make an agreement, go to court, medical treatment

Execution day, building a house, planting auspiciously, moving house, traveling auspiciously

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break the sun, everything

Dangerous day, everything

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Auspicious days for business opening, marriage, school, and celebrations. Litigation, house demolition

Collection day, collection, building auspicious stove, business opening, event

Opening day, business opening, marriage, building auspicious stove, avoid burial

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